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Ariston Thermo Group

One of the world’s leading companies in heating and water heating, Ariston Thermo offers a complete range of heating and hot water products, systems and services designed to provide the maximum degree of comfort with the minimum use of energy. 

The group has a total sales of 1.32 billion euros, employs 6,700 people worldwide, manufactures over 6.9 million products per year plus 36 million components. The group has a worldwide presence, with 19 production sites in 10 countries, 47 companies in 30 countries and a distribution network in over 150 countries. 

At Ariston Thermo, we see energy efficiency as a synergy between optimum comfort, savings to the user and benefits to the environment. The company has significant presence in Asia, with manufacturing plants in China, India and Vietnam. We have won the trust of our customers on energy conservation through solar water heaters and systems that use renewable source of energy. 
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